About Us

Members of Pittsburgh Pro-Life (Pennsylvanians for Human Life, Southwest Region)

From left to right: Jake Dvorak, Kim Collins, Chris Humphrey, Edith Humphrey, Tess Martin-Wong, Bryce McMinn, Rich Benacci. (Absent: Marcy Reed, Dan Hoffman)

Pittsburgh Pro-Life is one of several non-profit, non-sectarian groups in the Pittsburgh area that are affiliated with Pennsylvanians for Human Life (Southwest Region), Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, and the National Right to Life Committee. Begun in 2008 as a small group, we are planning educational activities for 2009 to make those who live in the City of Pittsburgh aware of life issues -- abortion, infanticide, mercy-killing, euthanasia, destructive embryonic stem cell research. We are troubled by injustice, and motivated by the desire to help women and men, who are under pressure, to do the right thing.

If you would like to help out, please contact us. Please consider making a donation to pay for our outreach and educational activities. (Your charitable donation is deductible for income tax purposes.)