Want the facts on fetal development? Abortion? Local statistics?

Fetal Development

Just the Facts
Well-done visual presentation of development from the beginning of life.

National Geographic's 2006 video (9 parts on YouTube) showing, in astonishingly clear "4D" ultrasound, development in the womb from conception to birth.

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation's presentation on fetal development.

Abortion Facts

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation's presentation on what happens in different abortion procedures.

Face the Truth presents a graphic depiction of what an abortion does to an unborn child.

Abortion Facts gives answers to common questions for those on both sides and in the middle of the issue.

One woman's account of what abortion did to her

Pam Drazinski from Pittsburgh speaks about her abortion: "My abortion not only robbed me of my only child but negatively impacted my relationship with my family and friends. Because of the profound guilt, shame, grief, pain, sadness, fear of judgment, the real me became paralyzed. My abortion changed who I was forever, and a stranger emerged to live my life as one big, fat lie. I chose abortion because at 18 ...."
Listen on YouTube

National Right To Life

Writing a paper on abortion?

Check out the PA Pro-Life's "Tips on Writing a Research Paper"

For local statistics, demographic analysis, download the PA Department of Health's report "2007 Abortion Statistics". There were 4,349 abortions in Allegheny County in 2007, the last year for which we have statistics.

For essays on bioethical issues, see The Human Life Review. Essays from the on-line archives go back 10 years.

Are you an educator? Join Teachers Saving Children of Pennsylvania. They "seek to encourage teachers and others to support life in the womb as well as life in children already born."